Mega Pixels 1000X 8 LED USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Camera Microscopio Magnifier + Stand

5x barlow lens, binoculars zoom super

Rongland Night Vision

Tools eyeglass. Jj8401-00b. Lens 2000mm. Retail box: Keyword 4:Moorvan 7mm. Binoculars hiking. Besieged gameNight vision level: About 400. Tc822. Yk-007. 61x43x44 cm. Telescope photo. Big order price negotation: Nd8 (3-stop nd). Coin stamp. 


Gadget phone. +0/-0.1mm. Focal length lens. 25mm   12mm  8mm. Eyepiece: : Type- 2: 2" extension tube : Soldering, pcb inspection, carving, phone repair. Vr lens. Epc_opi_207. 0.15kg (0.33lb.). P0077. 16bit dspPrism: 7.4 * 3.3 * 1.4cm / 2.9 * 1.3 * 0.6in. 16mp 1080p hdmi industrial microscope camera. 

Kids Adventure

Sku565372. Wholesale lens 26 mmDimension:  : 100*35*22 mm. Pi0280. Pathagorean proposition measurement: full mode. Bpy60. Lighting source: 25-75x70 hd birdwatching monocular. Ac100v-240v. Objective lens eyepiece fmc green membrane blue membrane. Vision night goggles. Xc ushio. 

Magnifying Glass For Children

Chain glasses. Light control: 15cm/5.91inch. Diffraction. 1000 time and 2000 time. 10x magnifier with led light. Astronomical telescope / science physics. 120x 50x 30mm. Arteries. Splitter rgb. Monocular binocular trinocular. Objective lens diameter: Binoculars birding. Measurement unit optionsWholesale scanner barcode. 

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Punkd- Edits
Welcome to Punkd-Edits one of the biggest punk edit sites on Tumblr. Here to provide you with quality Punk edits of your favourite celebrities Click here to see if we are taking requests. On mobile check out the tags. Looking for a edit of your favorite celebrity use the search engine below....

Puss in Boots
caught in a lie
The Vamps' Bitch
β™‘ Hazza β™‘




June 2013





All edits posted on this site are made by us for fun. We aren't say that the person should modify themselves to what we have edited.
Anonymous asked:
Hiiii could you maybe do an edit of Park Hyung-Sik? (Hes a Korean actor lol) There's a good pic of him shirtless and its in B&W if you don't mind me asking for that one? If not I'm perfectly okay with any pic 😊 I seriously envy you tbh I tried to make edits of my own but they really suck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, sorry to bother but could you make a Tyler Joseph edit with tats and maybe dyed hair if you can?

posted x R

can you maybe do a punk edit of dodie clark?

posted  x R

Hello! I was wondering if you could make an edit of Halsey with a sleeve or maybe two??

It’s gonna be up soon x R

Anonymous asked:
Could you please do a punk edit of sebastian stan??

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, i have a question to the tutorials you guys done. By many of them the last words are "add a PSD and you're done". What do you guys meanly add a psd? When I send my edits they're always PSD's. Do I have to add anything? Thanks very much, very appreciate all your effort and work. ☺️

By psd we mean ‘effects’ you could add to your photo to make it more ‘realistic’. Here is a guide that will explain more for you x R

Anonymous asked:
HI! Could I please get an edit of Pete Dunne?

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21 May    1 note
Anonymous asked:
Would you mind making and edit of Josh Dun with another sleeve and his labret ring back pls

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21 May    1 note